SMART Art Trolley Tours at WFA 2020!

trolleySMART high resJoin us on Saturday, May 30th for tours of art installations in Wilsonville.  The Historic Trolley tours start at 12, 1, 2, 3 and 4pm, and leave from the Wilsonville Festival of Arts at Town Center Park.

Check-in for the trolley tours at SMART’s community booth at the festival.

Public Sculptures on the Art Tours w'ville public art

  1. Apache by Jesse Swickard
  2. Killer Whale by Ben Dye
  3. Guardian by Jesse Swickard
  4. Cycles of Salmon by Ben Dye
  5. Re-Invention by Ivan McLean
  6. Modern Flight by Jesse Swickard
  7. Flight of the Moon by Laurel Hagner
  8. Beauty and the Bridge by Wilsonville Student Art Project and Diversified Products of Bendtrolley images
  9. Family by Wesley Bullock
  10. Clock Tower by Jerry Warner
  11. Let’s Dance by Jim Johnson
  12. The Interactivators by Frank Boyden and Brad Rude
  13. Sunrise in the City by Jesse Swickard

For more information about SMART Trolley tours click here to visit their website. 

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