Artist Donations

The Beauty and the Bridge Project: The Wilsonville Student Public Art Project titled “Beauty and the Bridge” is a Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancement Project that was completed in 2012.  It was a 3 year project that included over 1,000 students in grades 3-12 in the Wilsonville Schools. The students researched, sketched, and painted with glaze the local flora and fauna of the region, and also historic buildings onto the 12 inch tiles. The tiles were installed the summer of 2012 along Wilsonville Road underneath I-5, it covers over 7,200 square feet. At the end of the project, funds ran out, and there was no commemorative plaque made to honor the students and all their work.

The Wilsonville Festival of Arts is fundraising to create and install two plaques, one on each side of the project.

Goal: To recognize all who worked so hard on The Beauty and the Bridge project, we are raising $1000 to create and mount the two bronze plaques on the bridge.

Fund Raising Through Artist Donations: Artist donations of 2D artwork (any medium) worth $30 or less are currently being accepted.

The artwork will be sold at the festival and all proceeds will go to creating the new plaques.

Participating artists will get special recognition in the Wilsonville Festival of Arts event programs, on our website, and on our social media pages.

Artwork must be ready to sell (framed or mounted).

Art work is accepted at the discretion of the WA&CC, please only submit artwork that is suitable to a family event (no nudity or graphic violence).

Any piece that is not sold will be returned to the artist. It is up to the artist to retrieve unsold work and work must be picked up at the end of the festival (June 5th, no later than 6pm).

If you are an artist interested in donating work, contact Dawning by email:



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