Beauty and the Bridge Art Sale Fundraiser

The Beauty and the Bridge Project: The Wilsonville Student Public Art Project titled “Beauty and the Bridge” is a Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancement Project that was completed in 2012.  It was a 3 year project that included over 1,000 students in grades 3-12 in the Wilsonville Schools. The students researched, sketched, and painted with glaze the local flora and fauna of the region, and also historic buildings onto the 12 inch tiles. The tiles were installed the summer of 2012 along Wilsonville Road underneath I-5, it covers over 7,200 square feet. At the end of the project, funds ran out, and there was no commemorative plaque made to honor the students and all their work.

The Wilsonville Festival of Arts is having a fundraising art sale to create and install two plaques, one on each side of the project.

Goal: To recognize all who worked so hard on The Beauty and the Bridge project, we are raising $1000 to create and mount the two bronze plaques on the bridge.

The fundraising art sale is made possible through generous artist donations:

Tribal Acrylic - 8"x 8" on wood $30

Circus Lady Acrylic - 6"x6" canvas $30

Suzanne Elise Stewart is an Arizona native and lived, worked andRed and White Flowers Acrylic - 8"x 8" on wood $30Violet Acrylic - 8"x 8" on wood $30 played in Phoenix for over 40 years. Craving cooler weather she decided to jump in with both feet and to travel. She ended up in Portland – a mecca for creatives. She prefers to work with acrylic, but all mediums are fair game. She has had her work featured in several magazines, shows her work in Portland galleries and has created murals in private residences in Phoenix and Portland as well as businesses on SE Hawthorne. She currently resides in Multnomah Village with her two feline muses, Shiva and Gypsy.

Suzanne’s artwork can be found on Instagram @ suzanne.heart  and Facebook @


Thorax 12"x 15" Framed


Artist: William Landers

William’s artwork can be found on his website



Artist: Laughing Kamooks (Kate Atkins)Kate Atkins - Nebula

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Colorful Kangaroo - Zoe LarsonZoe Larson is a PNW native currently living in Portland. She creates her artwork in a variety of mediums, including acrylic, pencil, colored pencil, ink and, her new found favorite: watercolor. Zoe creates watercolor paintings of animals for purchase, as well as commissioned pet portraits.

Zoe loves to hear from other art enthusiasts, feel free to keep up with her latest pieces on social media, shop at her etsy store or email her to request a commissioned piece or pet portrait.





Tammie Painter grew up in the creative world of Portland, Oregon, ginger72048gazingball72051and she continues to call the area “home.”

Although she spent years working as a chemist in a behavioral neuroscience research lab, she could never quite tame her desire to express herself through words and images. When circumstances provided her the chance to pursue an artistic career, she seized it and has never looked back.

As a colored pencil artist, Tammie’s love of nature shines through in her botanical and wildlife art, but that doesn’t stop her from exploring other subjects such as the shiny curve of a car or a peek into the streets of Europe. Whatever she chooses as a subject, Tammie’s work is characterized by its attention to realistic details and strong colors. In 2016, Tammie had the honor of being selected for a solo exhibition as part of the Artist Exhibit Program via the Clackamas County Arts Alliance.





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