Chalk It Up!

Fill one of our Chalk It Up! chalkboards with your own chalk art – there will be 10 of them around the park! And…

Saturday & Sunday @ 2-5:00pm

Pascale Steig, Chalk Artist will hop from chalkboard to chalkboard to add her own art to the mix, create portraits of festival-goers and share her craft with others.

pascale portraitPascale flower image

Pascale Steig is an immigrant to the U.S. (Belgian and Hungarian origins), working as a chalkboard artist at two New Seasons Market locations (Nyberg Rivers and Raleigh Hills). And as an art instructor, she combines creative discovery strategies to facilitate personal growth, self-confidence, and belief in achievement.  Her true love is sketching people! She carries her sketchbook and pen everywhere with her, whether at restaurants, concerts, or at other events, just in case she gets a chance to quickly draw someone…Find our more about Pascale here!

chalk board


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