2019 Artist Demos

Watch artists at work with our ARTIST DEMOS…


Francisco Bautista is a the fourth generation Master Weaver. He and his wife, Laura, were born in Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec village in Oaxaca, Mexico. They use only hand-spun, hand dyed wool, and weave each of their works on a foot pedal loom. Watch them in the process of creating their contemporary and traditional designs, and get a chance to try your hand at it as well. (Saturday only) http://www.bautistaweaving.com/

LIVE PAINTING2017-10-21 22.47.38

Amaranta Colindres is an artist working with Portland Street Arts Alliance. She is an academically trained fine artist working in traditional media including charcoal, acrylic and oil. More recently, she has taken up mural painting and loves painting animals and plant life. (Sunday only)


Members of Atelier Meridian and Print Arts Northwest will be on hand demonstrating, and inviting you to try, the process of printmaking, and take a piece of art home with you! Atelier Meridian’s mission is to promote printmaking by providing the general public with a 24-hour printmaking studio facility, as well as a place to teach and learn. We wish to provide a creative outlet for artists and community members through workshops and memberships – www.ateliermeridian.com. Print Arts Northwest advocates the art of printmaking through exhibitions, professional development, and educational programs that promote the creation, appreciation and collection of original artists’ prints by professional and emerging printmakers – https://printartsnw.org


Eduardo Cruz Torres is a self-taught artist that started drawing at a very Eduardo Cruz - demo artistyoung age.  He started developing his own style at the age of 11, his early work was mainly done with black ink and for several years that was the only medium he would use. In 2014 he started doing metal etching. He etches the metal with just a metal scribe tool, all done free-hand. In 2017 he started doing wood burning using different types of exotic wood, and today he is mixing both wood and metal materials to a create a multimedia pieces. He is a member of the Latino Artist Exchange (LAX Ideal), working with them since 2016 and exhibiting throughout the region. He is currently a GLEAN artist in residence in Portland. (Sunday only) Learn more about Eduardo…

2018 Demos


Thea GahrThea Gahr is a bilingual Artist and Educator intent on connecting people to their highest creative potential through the small and dedicated acts of printmaking and sewing. She has been an industrial stitcher for over 12 years and a production stitcher for 18. Committed to social and environmental justice, which she sees as inextricably linked, she is a member of Justseeds Artist Cooperative and part of the ECPM68, an autonomous school in Mexico City. Her love for printmaking is for its precision and craft, it’s nearly limitless creative possibilities, the communal nature of print workshops, and it’s incredible global history of being at the forefront of massive social change for the betterment of life of earth. Home is both and always Oregon and Mexico. Learn more about Thea…

ken yielding


Ken Yielding is a 3D printing artist. He started a program of 3D printing dental components to educate patients.  He was a speaker at the 2016 OMSI Maker Faire and founded Rainmaker Innovation LLC in Gladstone. Learn more about Ken…

Jim Barton - demo


Jim Barton is a woodworker who starts with a chainsaw, but refines his pieces using traditional hand tools, carving and sanding to a high level of finish. To call Jim Barton a chain saw artist would be misleading, but he does use a chain saw. Barton’s skill honed in decades of work as a logger and later, from years of work as an artist allows him to slab massive , flawless inch thin sections of stock from snags and long abandoned redwood stumps and roots. Learn more about Jim…


Join members of Portland Handweavers Guild as they demonstrate their weaving and spinning skills. You will also get a chance to participate in “The Banner Project,” a large community-created woven piece that will be donated to charity after the event.

Weavers will be located in the Get Crafty tent.









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