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WFA 2019 has partnered with Willamette Writers to host Art of the Word, a program focused on literary arts. Willamette Writers is the largest writers organization in the Pacific Northwest. Writers of all genres and at all stages of their careers attend their meetings, annual conference, and workshops to connect with their community, develop their craft, and advance their career.



Storytelling – NEW PROGRAM!

Circle around and enjoy storytelling on the grass with your kids, as part of our Art of the Word program focused on the literary arts! Bring a chair, bring a blanket, bring a picnic!

Saturday @ 11:00am & 2:30pmJennie Komp

Jennie Komp is a student of stories and their impact on our lives. She studied theater education and was quickly drawn to the stories that held the greatest meaning in the simplest of words. Now she spends her free time creating videos for her youtube channel,”Bedtime Bear,” so she can read to her 25+ nieces and nephews far away. And she writes and edits books she hopes will have a lasting impact on our world.

Katherine FactorSunday @ 11:00am & 2:30pm

Katherine Factor is a writer, editor, educator, and the author of Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Mata Hari. She has mentored young writers for decades, having taught at Idyllwild Arts Academy, Interlochen Arts Academy, and in summer programs. Find out more at


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